The BBMP has decided to give digital numbers – Property Identification Number – to all properties so that no property goes off the tax network and in view of Smart City project, reports Kannada Prabha.

As per the KMC Act, it is mandatory for the BBMP to give digital numbers and naming of roads. From the administration point of view and to avoid any property not included in the tax network, the BBMP is taking action to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) PID numbers to properties based on GIS Platform. With this, the BBMP intends to bring all properties under the tax network, said Tax and Finance Standing Committee president MK Gunashekhar.

PID numbers make it impossible for properties to avoid tax. It also avoids repetition of property numbers and brings transparency in tax collection system.  Any problems regarding property can be specifically identified and in emergencies, makes it easy to access the site. It also helps other local organisations to collect tax.

The owners and heirs of properties with digital numbers will be issued digital cards which will facilitate easy usage and holding a single card. The Commissioner has initiated the process of giving digital numbers, after the Standing Committee took a decision in this regard, according to a statement issued.  

In the total survey, it has come to light that 14 buildings have cheated BBMP of Rs 56.83 crore. Notices will be issued to these buildings to pay double tax with interest amounting to Rs 215 crore.