The Mandya jail superintendent-Sathish-was suspended on charges of assisting a notorious gangster in operating from jail. An incident that shows the corruption levels in jails of Karnataka, this also shows the nexus between jail authorities and prison inmates that have been brushed under the carpet for years. 

Sathish, incidentally, had won the Chief Minister's medal, but was suspended on Saturday as evidence surfaced about his involvement in the operations of gangster Shivakumar aka Danger Shiva. Mandya Superintendent of Police, C H Sudheer Kumar Reddy, along with his team, raided the cell of the gangster and found a cell phone hidden there. A team assigned the investigation, has found that almost all the call records lead to another lady gangster Bhagya. The visitors' log book also proved that Bhagya had visited him in the jail several times over the years.

Speaking to the News Minute, the SP said, "The duo had plotted the abduction of another gangster from the rival faction named Market Kumar. The larger question was how did Danger get the mobile phone. He was also on the receiving end of many other perks like food from restaurants and many others on those lines."

It was also found that the gangster had made friends with Sathish who helped him get a cell phone, food from restaurants and access to Lord Bhagya. Danger Shiva was lodged in jail since 2012 on charges of murdering a businessman and a Congress leader, HP Nagendra from Mandya. His gang members had attacked politician in broad daylight and murdered him with machetes. 

Notorious for designing operations from jail, Danger Shiva had plotted the murder when he was in the Ramanagara Prison for the murder of Jadeja Ravi, a rival. Meanwhile, it was also found that Lord Bhagya and Danger Shiva were plotting the abduction of a rival gangster Market Kumar. The SP further added, “He would manage to smuggle drugs into the prison. He had made Satish the front through which he was running his gang’s operations from within the prison."