The Raju Kannada Medium film dispute has reached the Karnataka Film Finance Chamber. The producer of the film, Suresh, has lodged a complaint with the Chamber, urging action to prevent any more harassment by any actor to producers and also requesting the guilty to be punished. The Chamber has called for a meeting of all affected in this actor-producer tussle to find an amicable solution.

Producer Suresh has submitted a two page complaint denying all allegations made by Avantika Shetty in her complaint made earlier. He states that the actor Avantika Shetty participated in only 15 days of shoot of the Kannada film 'Raju Kannada Medium' and another 25 call sheets are pending. He said she did not report for shooting in these 15 days also on time and her behaviour was anything but professional. She was non-cooperative in every aspect and would rush back to the caravan the minute the director called ‘Cut’.  He also mentioned in the complaint that Avantika Shetty did not give dates after the first schedule for shooting.

He also alleged that she created a ruckus at the Goldfinch hotel, where she was staying, accusing theft in her room and has caused embarrassment to the production house. He has claimed that it is not possible to continue working with her and that he will not let her dub for the film.

The Chamber president Sa Ra Govindu received and examined the complaint and spoke to Avantika Shetty on phone. He expressed his displeasure at her non-cooperation during shooting and instructed her to attend the meeting compulsorily on June 15.  He also said he does not approve her of going to court with regard to dubbing.

It may be recalled that Avantika Shetty had alleged sexual harassment on the sets of 'Raju Kannada Medium' and had gone to court insisting that she would dub for the film herself and requested the Court to instruct the producer, director not to dub someone else’s voice for her role. The court on its part had issued orders to the producer and director not to use a different artist to dub for Avantika Shetty.