An employee of a private company in Tumakuru in a hurry to call her friend ended up calling a wrong person. When she heard a man speaking from the other end, she hanged the call saying it was a wrong call.


Her problem was just about to start as the person she had made a wrong call, Shrimanth had something else in his mind. Shrimanth is an autorickshaw driver in Tumakuru. Initially, after this incident, she received some calls from that number. First, she ignored the number. But when the number of calls increased, she warned him and told him not to call back.


This did not deter him from making calls. He even increased the frequency of his calls and started making her 100 calls per night. He started asking for a sexual favour from her.


One day, feeling harassed, she informed her husband and explained the complete scenario. Then the couple hatched a plan and next time he called; she told him that she was ok with his demand. She asked him to come to the Tumakuru 8th Mile Junction.


Shrimanth came to the spot on time, where the girl was waiting for him, and her husband was waiting too at a distance. When Srimanth neared the woman, the husband ran to her, and the couple hit him black and blue.


Later the couple handed him over to the Peenya Police Station.