Attack on Lokayukta: The man who sent Tejraj inside the court speaks up

First Published 12, Mar 2018, 1:24 PM IST
Attack on Lokayukta The man who sent Tejraj inside the court speaks up
  • Lokayukta staff K Palani has let Tejraj inside to meet Lokayukta
  • Tejraj had filled the visitor's slip and had submitted to Palani, who then sent it to the Lokayukta 
  • Lokayukta rang the bell at 1.45pm, signalling Palani to send Tejraj inside
  • Here are the complete details of what followed next

"Tejraj Sharma had written his name and address in the slip meant for visitors. My job is to make the visitors write their name and address on the slip and send them in following a bell from the Lokayukta Vishwanath Shetty. This is what happened with Tejraj Sharma too," said Dalayat K Palani, a staff member at the Lokayukta office.

Palani has even given a complaint to the police in this regard, explaining what exactly happened that day.

"I write down the name and address of the visitors and give the same to the Lokayukta. I ask them to wait outside, and when Lokayukta gives the signal through a bell, I send them inside," Palani said.

Speaking on Tejraj, he said, "The man had come to the Lokayukta office on March 7 at 1 pm, requesting time to visit the Lokayukta. I followed the same process. The Lokayukta had rung the bell at 1.45 pm, and I sent Tejraj inside."

"Tejraj had many papers in his hand when he came to visit the Lokayukta. After two to three minutes of sending Tejraj inside, I heard Lokayukta screaming from inside. When I rushed and opened the door, he had a knife in one hand and was holding the Lokayukta from behind. He warned me not to proceed. I immediately informed the two gunmen, who saved the Lokayukta and took Tejraj away. The Lokayukta was admitted to the hospital. Please take strict action against Tejraj," Palani stated in his complaint copy.

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