At a time when the state is facing drought, Venkatesh had taken a tank at Channena Agrahara in Anekal on contract, last year. He managed to keep the tank filled with water and was raising 30,000 fish.

This tank was the source of drinking water for the animals and livestock in and around Chennena Agrahara and the surrounding villages. But on Monday night some miscreants have mixed poison in the tank water killing all the fish. In addition, even snakes inside the tank were found dead, floating.

Some empty bottles of poison were found in the tank premises. This makes the speculation of fish, snakes dying due to poison mixed in the water strong. Anekal is facing an acute drought, and most of the lakes are dried. Thus, this tank even was a source of water for the people of the Agrahara residents.

This act has not only incurred a huge loss to Venkatesh but also has inconvenienced people of the Agrahara and surrounding villages. Venkatesh has suffered a loss of lakhs of rupees. A case in this regard has been filed in the Anekal Police Station, and the police are on the lookout for the miscreants.