All is not well: Along with Congress, BJP too trying to clip Yeddyurappa's wings?

First Published 26, Sep 2017, 2:43 PM IST
All is not well Along with Congress BJP too trying to clip Yeddyurappas wings
  • RSS leader Santhosh has allegedly complained against Yeddyurappa to BJP leaders
  • ABC to soon appeal to the Supreme Court to vacate stay order given by Karnataka HC in the denotification case involving Yeddyurappa
  • that ACB chiefs had a round of talks with Chief Minister and important officers in Karnataka in this regard.
  • RSS leader Santhosh is said to have warned Yeddyurappa not to come in his way

The smile on BJP State President Yeddyurappa's face might vanish soon as not only Congress but even BJP insiders might be trying to make the leader flourish.

The recent war of words between RSS Convening Joint Secretary Santhosh and Yeddyurappa allegedly in the party office. Earlier, Yeddyurappa had filed a case with the BJP high command against Yeddyurappa.

On the other hand, Congress too is pressurising the ACB to appeal the Supreme Court against the High Court's stay order on Shivarama Karantha Layout denotification case, involving Yeddyurappa.

The sources said that RSS leader Santhosh was asked to look into the matters of the state in the view of Assembly Elections but as Yeddyurappa also is made in-charge of taking necessary decisions on how to face the next elections. But Santhosh's directives and decisions are clashing with that of Yeddyurappa and might have made the leader feel insecure.

It can be noted that Santhosh was in support of Eshwarappa and it is also said that he instigated Eshwarappa to start Rayanna Brigade and go against Yeddyurappa's Hinda movement. Earlier too Santhosh had complained to the BJP high command against Yeddyurappa.

When both the leaders met at the BJP party office in Bengaluru, it is said that they exchanged heated arguments.

The reports in OneIndia stated that when Yeddyurappa charged at Santhosh asking why was he complaining against him to the high command, the latter is said to have told, "I will do whatever it takes to strengthen the party. You just do your work and don't interfere with my work."

On the other hand, the stay order on denotification of Shivarama Karantha Layout case might not stay for long as the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is all set to appeal the Supreme Court against the stay order by Karnataka High Court.

The ACB will put forth an argument that the case has reached an important phase where important details have been found. Yeddyurappa being a strong and influential person might try to tamper with the proof of the case.

Reports said that ACB chiefs had a round of talks with Chief Minister and important officers in Karnataka in this regard.

If the Supreme Court asks the HC to vacate the stay order, this can prove costly to Yeddyurappa as the BJP leaders might prefer Santhosh's decisions over Yeddyurappa's and the latter might end up losing his popularity and eventually the chance of sitting on the Chief Minister's chair.