Engineering students have always had internships before they sat for the placements. However, as per the new AICTE rule, they have to have at least 3 internships, each spanning for 4-8 weeks before completing their undergraduate course. Moreover, AICTE have taken the responsibility of finding internships for students in suitable organisations or institutions, depending on the institutions they study in. 

This was announced by the union minister of state for human resources development Mahendranath Pandey in the Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, VTU vice-chancellor, speaking to Bangalore Mirror, said this was a good move since students take internship seriously and this would help them in their respective fields of employment at a later stage. It is also said that AICTE will join hands with each state for assessing the demand-supply situation projected for the next 10 years. It is also being said that this will be a guiding document for all the institutions that seek the accreditation of AICTE. 

AICTE is also likely to revise curriculum every year. The union minister of state for human resource development also said that every affiliating technical university shall constitute subject-wise industry consultation committee with the mandate of examining the existing curriculum and for making suitable changes in the curriculum every year. The process shall be completed in December every year for the course to be offered in the coming academic year. Each institution, while applying for approval, should certify completion of this process before seeking accreditation.