Shankar Ashwath, an actor himself and son of legendary actor KS Ashwath currently rides Uber cab for his living. Unlike many others in the field, when opportunities in films, serials became rare, than complaining or going into depression, he chose to drive Uber cabs for the living.

Shankar Ashwath said that his policy of life was to earn and live. He did not blame anyone in the industry, but instead, he said that whenever I do not have the acting offer, I ride the cab and I don't think there is anything great nor wrong in it.

I am the king of defeats, and I believe that I didn't succeed in the film business. But I am driving now and I sure I have not failed here.

"My father taught me to live with self-respect, to face anything that comes my way. Every job has dignity. Do not underestimate anything. It is a wrong notion that to get respect one should wear a costly dress. Simplicity is the highest policy. God always gives one what he really needs. I The work with Uber has made me quite stable economically," he said.

Shankar has not stopped acting. Instead, he does the job and then drives Uber when he doesn't have any acting opportunity.

Even when others tried to blame government and film association for not helping him all Shankar said was that he was living a life with self-respect, was earning and living.

Many might not know, but his father KS Ashwath too had worked as a Food Inspector and then stenographer in the deputy commissioner's office for 10 years, before taking up acting.

Even when his father had died, Shankar had said no to any memorial because he thought his father lived a simple life.