Scientists all over the world have been striving hard to find a permanent solution in treating and curing cancer. Bengaluru scientists have made a breakthrough by discovering a ‘miracle drug’. This drug has the ability to kill five different types of cancer cells.

The Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, KLE University Pharmacy College, UK’s Liverpool Clinical Cancer Medicine University, Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram and Center for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Mumbai, were involved in the research and development of this drug.

The synthesized drug is named ‘Disarib’. The head of the organic chemistry department of the Indian Institute of Science, professor Satish Raghavan, has called this drug an effective weapon that can be tested for many types of cancers.

B-cell lymphoma 2 is the molecule that controls protein production in cells. Its main function is to prevent the destruction of cells. The process is called apoptosis. If the process is hampered, the cells start splitting and then they die. The cells turn into cancerous pathogens. If ‘Disarib’ is introduced in the cancer-affected region it will accurately start killing the cancer cells.

Bengaluru scientists claim that the drug is a lot more effective than the currently available medicines against B-cell 2. Satish Raghavan has also called the drug a promising one and after developing it further, it will be made available for the masses.

Last year, US Food and Drug Administration department had approved ‘ABT 199’ as the drug to fight B-cell 2. This drug kills the cancer cells without harming the platelets. However, the drug causes other side effects according to Satish Raghavan.