BJP leaders in Karnataka held an executive committee meeting to discuss the party’s future course of action in Karnataka. Accordingly, 5 important decisions were taken, especially aiming at targeting the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in the state.

Though there were talks about appointing a new president to the state BJP, no decision in this regard was taken and as of now B.S. Yeddyurappa will continue in the post.

Here are the five major decisions taken by the Karnataka BJP:

1) Stage protest if Haj Bhavan is renamed after Tipu Bhavan

Reacting to the statement by Minorities Minister from Congress, Zameer Ahmed Khan that Haj Bhavan will be renamed as Tipu Bhavan, BJP warned of protests against this. The party members also decided to intensify their protests and said that they will not allow renaming Haj Bhavan as Tipu was anti-Kannada leader.

2) To thank the BJP government in Centre

The party decided to thank the Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the Centre for demonetisation and GST. They said that the financial condition of India has improved tremendously after implementing these two programmes and the leaders would spread this message across the state.

3) Give credit to soldiers for protecting borders

The Karnataka BJP will also plan events to thank the Indian army for protecting borders and also thank the Union government for its plans and projects for the soldiers.

4) Taking credit for better roads

It will also take credit for better and faster roads. The leaders said that during the UPA government per day only 12 km road was being laid but now under NDA regime the length per day has increased to 27 km per day.

5) Attacking government on Budget issue

As Congress leader Siddaramaiah himself is opposing the Budget presentation by CM Kumaraswamy, BJP is trying to bring up the issue and brand the budget presentation as a minority one (as JD(S) has only 38 MLAs).