Lokayukta justice P Vishwanath Shetty has closed as many as 288 cases filed against the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Minister Sharanprakash Patil, chief secretary, IAS and IPS officials and others, reported Kannada Prabha.

The cases are closed for various reasons like lack of appropriate documents and evidences, not fit for inquiry and such other reasons. Of these include 4 cases against the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. Case against Dr Sharanaprakash Patil, Medical Education Minister is also closed.  Complainst lodged against Siddaramaiah by social activist Ramamurthy Gowda, Revana Siddappa, K R Ravindra, president of Police Mahasabha V Shashidhar have been dropped. There are a total of 57 complaints lodged against the Chief Minister and of them 27 are yet in investigation level, said sources.

After Justice Bhaskar Rao stepped down from his post as Lokayukta after allegations of corruption in Lokayukta the institution was headless. Hence neither complaints were lodged nor investigations held.  After justice P Vishwanath Shetty took over as Lokayukta 938 complaints were filed. Of these he has dropped 288 cases, sources said.

In 2017 from Feb 1 to Sept 21 a total of 2952 complaints were filed with Lokayukta.  Of them 10.126 cases were pending.  Of them investigations were held for 3,832 cases. Now, 6,294 cases are pending.  This is the total number of complaints lodged with Lokayukta, Upa Lokayukta 1 and Upalokayukta 2.  With justice P Vishwanatah Shetty a total of 900 complaints are registered.  Hence out of a total 3,313 cases 941 cases are under investigation and 2,372 cases are pending inquiry.

With Upalokayukta 1 Justice Anand 757 cases are lodged and the number of pending cases with him is 2,033.  Of this 912 cases are investigated with 1221 cases are pending. With Upalokayukat 2 B Adi a total of 1295 cases are registered with a total of 4,780 cases pending. Of this 1,979 cases are inquired and 2801 cases are pending.