Gemini, 19-year-old girl has allegedly killed herself after her pet dog died in July this year. Following her death, her male friend too allegedly committed suicide.

Gemini had a pet Pomeranian dog, Jimmy. The dog was brought home four-years ago, and she was attached to it. But Jimmy died after a brief illness in July. After which Gemini went into depression.

It is said that the college-going girl was not interested in speaking to anyone and started becoming reserved. Gemini was found hanging in her house in Bengaluru.

After she went into depression, her parents tried to counsel her. They even brought another pomeranian dog and named it Jimmy. But Gemini never overcame the death of Jimmy.

She was found dead inside her room on August 30. Interestingly, one of her male friends also felt dejected and allegedly committed suicide by coming under a moving train in Bengaluru near Binnymill.