Congress MLA Shadakshari from Tiptur Constituency is in soup after his 12-year-old son, has filed a case against the father for cheating him and his mother and throwing them out of the house.

This MLA might have been elected by people, but has cheated two women as he got married the second time without divorcing his first wife and now has thrown his second wife and 12-year-old son out of the house.

Political ambition is said to be the reason behind the MLA abandoning his wife and child. However, a case seeking alimony has been filed by his son at a family court. The second wife Madhu is said to have stated in the complaint that she wants to live with her husband as a family.

Even after the complaint the MLA is not ready to accept him as his son, states the complaint.

Shadakshari had married Madu (as his second wife) in 2004, without divorcing his first wife. He lived with her till 2009 and had abandoned her after five years of marriage.

Despite the court sending him the notice three times, the MLA failed to appear before the court. Currently, the hearing in this regard has been postponed, and MLA Shadakshari has been asked to attend the hearing on January 10, 2018.