For the first time after alliance talks with Congress, JDS state chief Kumaraswamy addressed the media. He gave clarifications on the urge for power, horse trading, black mark on Deve Gowda's life and more.

After results were announced in Karnataka on May 15, BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats, Congress won 78 seats and  JD(S) has won 38 seats. Currently, Congress has extended an unconditional support to JD(S) to form government. Thus if the coalition is called to form the government, HD Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister.

Thus, in this regard, Kumaraswamy answered many queries and clarified the stand of JD(S). He said that JD(S) is not keen on gaining power, but wants to make sure personally that he wipes the black spot he caused on his father, former PM Deve Gowda. Kumaraswamy had joined hands with BJP in 2006 against the wishes of Deve Gowda and then had lost power. Deve Gowda was touted as a pseudo-secular. Thus now, by joining hands with Congress, he wants to wash away the black spot from Deve Gowda's life, who is in the last stages of his political career, Kumaraswamy said.

He also alleged that BJP has made a Rs 100-crore offer to JD(S) MLAs. He said that BJP was in talks with all the JD(S) MLAs and warned that if BJP touches any of the allied MLAs, double the number of MLAs will be poached from BJP.

He also said that until now JD(S) has not approached any BJP MLA for support. "More than power, I want to set right the divide created by BJP in the state," he said. He also proclaimed that if there is any party which can stop BJP's Ashwamedhayaga (horse released to conquer the world), it is JD(S).

He said, "This is the second chance given by God to set everything right in the state and do justice to Deve Gowda and his political career."

"Especially the people of Mandya, Mysuru, Hassan and Tumakur, Bijapur- Raichur have given me this chance with a great lead. I have not even campaigned in Ramanagar and Channapatna but people have elected me for the third time. I will always be indebted to the people of these two regions along with the entire state till my death," he said.

"If you opt for Operation Kamala, it will boomerang in a big way. Even 15 to 16 people are ready to come out of BJP too. We are playing a fair game. If that happens, we will get two times more MLAs out of BJP," he added.

"I have an offer from BJP. If we go with BJP we can form a government easily. But this is not the matter of doing it the easy way, but the effect of it on the state. Blame game is common during elections. Didn't BJP praise and then insult Deve Gowda and JD(S)?" he questioned.

Answering a question on why he wants the chief minister's post, he said, "Becoming chief minister was not my demand. Congress party has offered an unconditional support and I was the chosen one."   

About horse trading rumours, he said, "It is not necessary to take our MLAs to a resort. But if BJP starts the horse trading, I will have to protect my MLAs."

On poaching and being poached, he said, "Every leader has friends in other parties. Likewise, even I have friends in other parties who might want to join me," he said.