Kolkata: A rare incident took place in the state of West Bengal. A woman risked her life to save a young girl. It was midnight. Far away, the voice of a girl was heard seeking help. The woman was returning home with her family when she heard the screams near the bypass road.

As soon as the woman heard the voice of the woman, she immediately got out of her car and went to save the young girl. When the accused saw the woman coming in front of him, he ran over the woman’s feet with his car. With a broken leg, the woman still saved the tortured girl. After saving the girl, the woman said, “Girls in this city can take care of their own security and also provide security to those in need.”

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The incident took place on Saturday (September 5) night at EM Bypass, in front of a residence at RR Plot in Anandapur Thana area. The accused broke the bone of the woman’s leg by running over his car. According to police sources, the young girl has been left traumatised after this incident. Police identified the driver who allegedly tried to assault the young girl as Amitabh Basu. The young girl is a bank employee. A few months ago, she had a conversation with Amitabh on social media.

The woman, a resident of Panchsayar, frequently conversed with the young man. Gradually, a deep relationship formed between them. Intimacy continued to grow. After that, both of them met for the first time around 8:30 pm on Saturday (September 5). Meanwhile, the accused youth forced the girl against returning home, though the night was getting darker. Suddenly, the whole incident took a new turn. The girl alleged that the young man started beating her inside the car. She was even insulted by the youth.

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According to sources, Nilanjana Chattopadhyay was returning home with her husband Deep Satpathi, and daughter after completing her mother's birthday party. At that time, Deep and Nilanjana heard the young girl screaming from inside a car parked behind their car near the residence. As soon as they heard the scream, Nilanjana got out of the car and went near the car parked behind. When Nilanjana went to rescue the girl, the accused youth threw the girl outside the car and drove the car on Nilanjana's feet.

Meanwhile, Nilanjana’s husband Deep Satpathi called the police station because he didn’t get an ambulance to take the injured to hospital. Getting to know about this incident, a sergeant of Kasba Traffic Guard reached the spot. Nilanjana was rushed to a private hospital in Bypass in a Kolkata Police Trauma Care Ambulance. Anandpur Police rescued the girl after reaching the spot.

Questions have been raised by people regarding the safety of women in the state. This incident is living proof that women will suppress all evil forces in this city, with the example being set by the woman who risked her life to save a girl from being molested.