Upset by the excessive and intrusive media coverage on Union Minister Sushma Swaraj who is undergoing treatment for kidney failure at AIIMS, New Delhi, her husband slammed the media and reminded them of the right to privacy of every citizen.


“The media reports about Sushma's surgery are so detailed. I think we will have to prepare for a live telecast,” Swaraj Kaushal, husband of the External Affairs Minister, fumed. 



A lady in public life is also a citizen of India and entitled to some privacy, the former Mizoram Governor reminded the media. 


Interestingly, the news of her kidney failure was first revealed by Sushma Swaraj, 64, on Twitter three weeks back which saw a flood of volunteers who offered her kidney. 



Now, there are all kinds of rumours doing rounds about the date of the transplant and the possible donors. Some media reports had it that the donor had been identified and is unrelated to her. 


The Union Minister continued to interact with people through twitter even after hospitalisation. Her response to a man who offered her kidney had gone viral as well.