Bengaluru: Did you know lavender essential oil can keep mosquitoes at bay?

Turns out that while its smell acts as a soothing agent for humans, mosquitoes are quite turned off by it. So, now you can kiss those pesky mosquitos goodbye with just two ingredients; water and lavender essential oil.

Here's a DIY:


1. A small spray bottle or, depending on your usage, a bigger bottle

2.Lavender essential oil (10 drops for small bottle and 30-40 for bigger bottle) and 88.7 millilitres of distilled water

How to go about it:

1. Take your spray bottle put in 10 drops of the oil for a smaller bottle or 30 drops or more, if it’s a bigger bottle, depending on how strong you want it to be

2. Fill the bottle with water

3. Now just shake the bottle and spray before going to bed

4. Get ready for a good night’s sleep