Bengaluru: Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) on Wednesday announced a hike in power tariff by 40 paise per unit with an average increase of 5.4 percent against the Electrical Supply Companies (Escoms) demand for increase of 17.26 per cent in power tariff.

The Escoms had sought an average hike of Rs 1.26 per unit. The KERC order will come into effect on the billing date from November 1, 2020 onwards.

KERC Chairman Shambhu Dayal Meena made this announcement during a virtual interaction with the heads of all Escoms and the Hukkeri Rural Electric Cooperative Society (RECS).

"This tariff is applicable to the electricity consumed from the first meter reading date falling on or after November 1, 2020," Shambhu Dayal Meena said.

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Energy charges alone have been increased by 20 to 25 paise per unit slab wise.

According to the order, there has been a 40 paise increase per unit with an average increase of 5.4 per cent.

The KERC has also allowed an increase in fixed charges of Rs 10/KW/HP/KVA for all categories and Rs 15/KW/HP for temporary category.

The order also allowed an increase in energy charges in the range of 20 paise to 25 paise per unit for all categories and 50 paise per unit for temporary category.