Allegations of medical negligence rose against Krishnapur Rural Hospital under Lalgola Police Station, Murshidabad. A child is the victim of extreme inhumanity in the government hospital. He died without treatment. Local youths sat on a hunger strike in front of the hospital in protest of the incident.

Many patients come to Krishnapur Rural Hospital for treatment. Several complaints are made by the families of patients regarding the treatment of the hospital. There have been allegations of infant mortality due to medical negligence. Locals complained that those who came to the hospital for treatment were mistreated by a doctor name Selina Rahman. The doctor even threatened the patients and their families if they complained against her.

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According to sources, a woman named Shahina Parveen was admitted to Krishnapur Rural Hospital under the supervision of doctor Selina Rahman. The disaster occurred shortly after the patient was taken to the operation theatre. 
Family members of Sahina Parveen claimed that while the nurses on duty were trying to deliver the baby, Shahina's health condition was gradually deteriorating. The nurses repeatedly called the doctor to come to the operation theatre but she didn’t come. As a result, the new-born died without treatment. 

When the incident was known by the patient’s family members, they got furious. A few local youths sat on a hunger strike in front of the hospital demanding expulsion of the accused doctor.

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The authorities of Krishnapur Rural Hospital got worried after the incident occurred. Block Medical Officer of Health Mofiz Sheikh said, “If such an incident took place, it will be investigated.”

The accused doctor Selina Rahman refused to talk to the media. Police have been deployed to her hospital chamber to avoid an unpleasant situation.