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Hubballi horror: Neha Hiremath's killer Fayaz had attempted to murder father over property dispute

Fayaz, the prime suspect in the murder of Neha Hiremath, now faces allegations of attempting to kill his own father over property disputes. The father had previously sought police protection due to tensions with Fayaz. The tragic incident unfolded outside a police station, reflecting a disturbing cycle of familial violence and personal vendettas. Community organizations demand justice in both cases.

Hubballi horror: Neha Hiremath's killer Fayaz had attempted to murder father over property dispute vkp
First Published Apr 20, 2024, 2:26 PM IST

In a chilling revelation, another layer of darkness envelops the already grim saga surrounding Fayaz, the prime suspect in the tragic murder of young woman Neha Hiremath in Karnataka’s Hubballi. Recent developments have unearthed a disturbing past, implicating Fayaz in not just one, but two heinous crimes.

Fayaz, known as the accused in the Neha Hiremath murder case, now stands accused of a shocking attempt on his own father's life, allegedly driven by a dispute over property and finances. The unsettling truth emerged, shedding light on a tumultuous family dynamic infested by violence and greed.

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Reports indicate that Fayaz's father, Babasaheb Kondunaik, had previously sought police protection, fearing for his safety amidst escalating tensions with his son. Three months before the tragic events, Fayaz purportedly assaulted his father, sparking concerns about his volatile behaviour.

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The sequence of events leading to this tragic juncture paints a distressing picture of familial strife and personal vendetta. It is reported that Fayaz, embroiled in a bitter dispute with his father, sought to seize control of the family's assets, leading to a confrontation that turned deadly. The incident unfolded outside a police station. Despite warnings from authorities to refrain from further violence, Fayaz's actions spiralled out of control, culminating in a horrific act of brutality.

In the wake of Neha Hiremath's tragic demise, communities across Hubli and beyond unite in grief and condemnation. Organizations such as the Anjuman Islam Committee and Akhil Bharat Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) have mobilized, demanding swift action and accountability in both cases.

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