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From the India Gate: Two Commandments, Surname Circus and more

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From the India Gate: Two Commandments, Surname Circus and more
First Published Jan 10, 2023, 4:23 PM IST

Two Commandments

Peace has dawned in Bengal. The chief minister's 'mamata' for the new Governor, C V Ananda Bose, is the toast of the hour after the 'dangal' days with Dhankar.

Though she had initial apprehension over his appointment, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee received Ananda Bose with an open mind after Home Minister Amit Shah assured her that 'he is a good man'.

But she had two commandments for the Governor. The first one was Thou Shalt continue enjoying Kerala food. When Ananda Bose replied that he was totally comfortable with Bengali recipes, Mamata said: 'Ma'am (Mrs Lakshmi Ananda Bose) will understand what I am suggesting. You can appoint a cook from Kerala. Don't be hesitant. State Government will totally support."

Next was Thou Shalt fly. The Bengal government had taken a decision to lease an aircraft for the chief minister. In the first meeting itself, Mamata offered that the Governor could also use the aircraft whenever he wanted. "You can use it to fly even to Kerala," she said. Sources in the administration, however, said the Governor is yet to formally accept the offer.

Though many feel the relationship between the two is cordial, there are others who consider this a lull before the storm.

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Sound and fury for nothing

Waves of peace between the Governor and the government seem to have reached Kerala as well.  From what was perceived as a political thriller inching towards a nail-biting climax, the issue seems to have petered out.

The first signs of thaw appeared with Governor Arif Mohammed Khan agreeing to reinstate Saji Cherian as a member of the Pinarayi cabinet. Saji had to quit some months ago following a controversial speech where he made remarks that belittled the Constitution of India.

Though the police probe gave him a clean chit, Governor added a twist on the eve of swearing-in when he referred the matter for a legal opinion. But as soon as a legal green signal was given, Arif Khan administered the oath of office.

The government reciprocated positively too. The earlier decision was to continue the current Assembly session through the yearend with a view to avoiding Governor’s address. But with the ice melting, the government pulled curtains on the session so that Arif Khan could address the House in the new year. Whether it will be a peaceful session or a repeat of scenes in the Tamil Nadu Assembly remains to be seen.

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Between the cup and lip

Quite a few things, including one's ambition to be the Chief Secretary of the country's largest state, can fall between the cup and lip.

Though many senior bureaucrats had high hopes, the expectation of an officer -- who had occupied the CS' chair in the past -- was at its peak.

Almost all of them had started impressing senior politicians to remain on the radar. But all dreams were shattered with the government extended the term of the incumbent chief secretary by a year.

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Surname Circus

It seems to be a season of ghar wapsi in Uttar Pradesh. With veteran Shivpal Yadav 'reuniting' with the family and the party, eyes are on a prominent leader now with the BJP. He has been reprimanded a few times for issuing statements and making critical remarks against BJP leadership and policies.

This BJP MP seems to have made up his mind to return to the grand old party. He recently had a discussion with his cousin sister and an emerging leader in Congress. Rumour mills say that he will part ways with BJP around the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

But little he realizes that his departure will be seen as a blessing in disguise by many in the saffron party. For this MP with a famous surname has become a pain in every sense of the word for his party members.

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