The headlines: 


Recently, a Delhi University student murdered his elder brother by hitting him repeatedly with dumbbell because the elder brother, a DU professor, would make the younger brother go out every time his girlfriend visits their rented apartment. In short, the professor paid the price for seeking some privacy from his own younger brother. 


Last month, a Bengaluru man killed both his 5 and 4-year-old sons because he had a fight with his wife over chicken curry not being spicy enough. The father strangled the younger one and killed the elder one by hitting on the head with a blunt object. 


In another recent case, a 22-year-old woman and her husband, killed her mother because the 55-year-old lady complained that the chicken curry wasn't tasty enough. 


Just a while ago, perfume researcher Monika Ghurde's brutal murder became the talk of the nation and then there is Sheena Bora murder case and an infamous Indrani Mukerjea who entirely for once drew everyone's attention to the legal system of the country.  


The impact: 


A quick look at the newspaper or any media website, one will always find one of these two words to describe some murder, brutal or gruesome. It has become a regular phenomenon for us to look and then overlook such murders, cruelties or acts termed as criminal by Indian Penal Court. 


Somehow, the frequency of these cases has made us comfortable with the fact that our society also has people with a brutal mentality and we are okay with cohabiting with them. 


Infamous cases brutality like Arushi murder case, Jessica Lall murder case, Priyadarshini Mattoo case, Tandoor murder case, Nithari case, Nitish Katara murder case and even Nirbhaya case has prepared us to look at incidences as incidences and not as an indication of a mentality that can ruin the nation. 


In fact, the irony is the word Nirbhaya has become a symbol of courage rather than a moment of shame or despair for the nation, and media is using this word to describe other such unfortunate incidences. 


What is making us so brutal? 


The brutality some the recent murders and for that matter, cruelty against animals in India have gone beyond any human limit. The punitive legal system in India is based on a concept called 'rarest of the rare cases' which has not been defined anywhere and it seems, with every single gruesome murder people are setting new bars for the court of law in India. 


Since 'justice delayed is justice denied', can the cruel mentality of current India be attributed to the lacuna in our judicial system that almost makes is impossible for a victim to get justice?


The basic principle of Indian criminal jurisprudence is 'let the 100 culprits go free, no innocent should be convicted', and this makes conviction of criminals difficult under our judicial system. 


Perhaps, this is encouraging more and more people to be creative with cruelty and brutality. 


OR, are we a violent society by nature?


Is it correct to assume that, the failure of the legal system has made our fellow countrymen violent or are we just violent in nature? Do we have to be criminal or murderer to be termed as violent? 


Increasing cases of road rage, intolerance, use of cuss words, or being aggressive for apparent reason, isn't are there a sign of violent mentality that needs to be addressed before it becomes a serious social threat? 


In September this year, two class XII students stabbed a teacher to death in the capital of India. Weren't there were signs of their violent mentality or one day they just got up and stabbed a teacher? 


Should not there be ways to detect and address disturbed mentality? 


This can only be done once we accept that we are violent people by nature and that is why we need to be kept under some sort of observation. 


Indeed, we don't have to be physically violent to be termed as violent people, if we are okay living in a society where violent criminals exist means we are violent enough to protect ourselves, and ergo, we are violent people.