Gaya (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a stinging attack on the RJD-led opposition in poll-bound Bihar, blaming the "anarchy and bad governance of the 1990s" for most of the ills that plagued the state even now.

Addressing an election rally here, Modi said the "Mahagathbandhan" (Grand Alliance) was a "pitara" (basket) comprising elements wary of the "governments crackdown on anti-national activities", and stressed that the state must vote to power the NDA led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar so that "Bihar does not fall ill (Bimar) again".

“The state now has electricity. The days of lantern are over," said Modi in a reference to the election symbol of the Rashtriya Janata Dal founded and headed by Lalu Prasad.

·         The Opposition parties have formed a 'pitara' against NDA, they call it 'Mahagathbandhan'. But each and every citizen of Bihar is aware of every bit of that Mahagathbandhan which allowed naxal movement in the past.

·         Most of the ills that plague the state today are the result of the years of anarchy and bad governance it had to suffer in the 1990s. The new generation ought to know that Bihar has been witness to times when people alighting from trains in the night used to stay back at the station since anti-social elements used to maraud freely.

·         In the last few years, a lot of effort and strict actions have been taken to limit the activities of Naxals in the country. Naxal presence has now been restricted to limited areas.

·         The assembly elections in the state were crucial because of the sheer number of people who are going to cast their votes amid the raging Covid-19 pandemic. It is a chance to the people to vote the NDA back to power and ensure unhindered growth.

·         Over the years, major reforms have been made in order to empower the poor, deprived, Dalit, exploited, backward, extremely backward. Now, an effort is being made to provide full benefits to the poor and the underprivileged. Technology is the foundation for good governance.

·         The sweat of Bihar has been used to build every part of Bihar but this state itself never grew. But now the people here have a home, health facilities, roads, bank accounts.

·         Bihar has shown strength in adapting new technology. People who have stayed in power for a long time cannot stand these changes and object to every reform being introduced.

·         The Swamitwa Yojana will empower the village people by easing property purchases for them. A pilot project is being carried out in six states as of now.