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Bengaluru medical team removes live larva infesting 26-year-old woman's scalp

Bengaluru doctors remove live larvae from a woman's scalp, averting severe tissue damage. In China, a woman presents with itchy eyes, revealing over 60 live worms infesting her eyeballs, extracted successfully by doctors in a rare case of Filariodia infection.

Bengaluru medical team removes live larva infesting 26-year-old woman's scalp vkp
First Published Dec 12, 2023, 3:44 PM IST

Doctors in Bengaluru successfully removed live larvae from the scalp of a 26-year-old woman who had been experiencing severe headaches. Working at a wildlife conservation NGO, the woman sought medical help upon noticing a swelling on her scalp, leading to a diagnosis of myiasis by the attending doctor. Immediate surgery was recommended to address the issue.

In a rare procedure performed under local anaesthesia, surgeons conducted scalp surgery to extract the live larvae from her scalp. The operation was deemed successful, with no reported complications. The doctors removed the botfly larvae alive, averting potential severe tissue damage that could have resulted if left untreated.

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Doctors remove 60 worms from woman’s Eyes in China

Meanwhile, in a startling incident in China, a woman complained of itchy eyes and experienced discomfort upon rubbing them, subsequently noticing worms falling out. Rushed to a hospital in Kunming, doctors discovered live maggots infesting the space between her eyeballs and eyelids.

During the examination, it was revealed that the woman's eyes were infested with over 60 live worms, with doctors removing more than 40 from her right eye and over 10 from her left. Dr. Guan, the performing doctor, highlighted the rarity of such a case with an unusually large number of worms in the eyes. The woman was diagnosed with Filariodia, a worm infection typically transmitted through fly bites.

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