20 star hotels "verified" healthy to check in

First Published Dec 4, 2020, 3:55 PM IST

The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on the travel and tourism industry. As the world recovers slowly from the pandemic, hotels across the world have felt the need to restore confidence among guests. In this endeavour, digital health company Sharecar and  Forbes Travel Guide -- the global authority on genuine Five-Star service -- announced the first hotels in the world to successfully become Sharecare Health Security Verified. Here's the list of Hotels 

<p><strong>Atlantis, The Palm&nbsp;<br />
United Arab Emirates</strong></p>

Atlantis, The Palm 
United Arab Emirates

<p><strong>Baccarat Hotel<br />
New York, United States</strong></p>

Baccarat Hotel
New York, United States

<p><strong>Boston Harbor Hotel&nbsp;<br />
United States</strong></p>

Boston Harbor Hotel 
United States

<p><strong>City of Dreams-Nüwa<br />
Manila, Philippines</strong></p>

City of Dreams-Nüwa
Manila, Philippines

<p><strong>Crown Towers&nbsp;<br />
Melbourne, Australia</strong></p>

Crown Towers 
Melbourne, Australia

<p><strong>Drake Bay Getaway Resort<br />
Costa Rica</strong></p>

Drake Bay Getaway Resort
Costa Rica

<p><strong>The Goring Hotel&nbsp;<br />

The Goring Hotel 

<p><strong>Fairmont Grand Del Mar<br />
United States</strong></p>

Fairmont Grand Del Mar
United States

<p><strong>The Hazelton Hotel&nbsp;<br />

The Hazelton Hotel 

<p><strong>Katikies Mykonos&nbsp;<br />
Greece<br />

Katikies Mykonos 

<p><strong>Katikies Santorini&nbsp;<br />
Greece</strong><br />

Katikies Santorini 


<p><strong>Montage Los Cabos&nbsp;<br />

Montage Los Cabos 

<p><strong>The Murray, Hong Kong&nbsp;<br />
Hong Kong</strong><br />

The Murray, Hong Kong 
Hong Kong


<p><strong>Nihi Sumba&nbsp;<br />

Nihi Sumba 

<p><strong>The Post Oak Hotel&nbsp;<br />
Uptown Houston, United States</strong></p>

The Post Oak Hotel 
Uptown Houston, United States

<p><strong>The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman&nbsp;<br />
Cayman Islands&nbsp;</strong><br />

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman 
Cayman Islands 


<p><strong>Salamander Resort &amp; Spa&nbsp;<br />
United States</strong></p>

Salamander Resort & Spa 
United States

<p><strong>Solaz, Los Cabos&nbsp;<br />

Solaz, Los Cabos 

<p><strong>The St Regis San Francisco&nbsp;<br />
United States</strong></p>

The St Regis San Francisco 
United States

<p><strong>Waldorf Astoria&nbsp;<br />
Las Vegas, United States</strong></p>

Waldorf Astoria 
Las Vegas, United States

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