Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee is in a more critical condition since Sunday (November 1) night. The actor was given blood transfusion after his haemoglobin count fluctuated.

A doctor treating the veteran actor said, “His bleeding part is not contained or controlled fully. His haemoglobin is fluctuating. We had to transfuse four units of blood. We had to do a CT to find out his exact internal bleeding location. We are trying to seal the bleeding spot which is yet to be fully successful.”

“His health condition is deteriorating due to his advanced age. We are correcting a lot of things. We are optimising organ functions. His neurological issues have not been treated fully to the point of his recovery. This is actually the main problem of Soumitra Chatterjee’s general non-improvement of consciousness status,” he added

Two sessions of dialysis had earlier been conducted on Soumitra Chatterjee, because of which his vital parameters became stable at that time. The veteran actor is on ventilator support since last week.

The doctors are worried about the health condition of the veteran actor.