Pictures and videos with actresses who are now accused of drug abuse and circulation has brought about embarrassment to political parties. After pics and videos of Ragini with CM BS Yediyurappa's son BY Vijayendra, actress Sanjjanaa's photo with former CM Siddaramaiah has gone viral.

Both actresses were arrested in connection with investigations in the drug racket case.

Ragini’s pictures and videos with BY Vijayendra are recent ones taken when she was campaigning for BJP candidate Narayangowda during KR Pete by-elections. Immediately after her arrest the visuals went viral.

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It wasn’t long after Sanjjanaa’s arrest that the actress’ selfie with former CM Siddaramaiah went viral.

Supporters of both BJP and the Congress are using these images to attack each other.

Earlier, Vijayendra has lashed out at his adversaries for dragging his name and linking the drugs case with politics.

The young politician reportedly said that actresses and actors are seen with political leaders during elections and people should not add other motives to that.