A post on Nadhirshah’s official Facebook account lambasts the media for running a trial. The video, is a recording of the Aluva Rural SP speaking to news reporters on the subject of the Kochi actress abduction case.

The police inspector is being questioned by the reporters as to how the investigation is progressing, who is under suspicion, will the people called for questioning be called again? Where is the investigation turning to? Is there any truth in the suspects being arrested? Will an arrest be made in the case? etc. to which the police officer replies:

“Investigation will not be shared with the media and we cannot share it with the public. The newspapers are churning out so many reports but none of it came from the police. Police is not responsible for this and no one has said that we are not investigating this properly. There are a lot of processes involved and we cannot say when someone will be arrested. We are investigating quite freely and no one is influencing us. We just can’t go and arrest someone, it is just the newspapers who are created this sensation. We cannot say when this will conclude. Will more people be called? We will call accordingly when needed.”

The post was accompanied by the words that those who don’t believe in the media should see this and also that those who want to see the genuine investigation should see this video.

Watch the video to know more: