The film fraternity in Kerala came out in support of the noted Malayalam actress, who was kidnapped and molested by a gang on Friday night, and demanded strong and urgent action against the accused.

Leading the anger were heavyweights like Manju Warrier, Dulqar Salman and Prithviraj. 

Manju Warrier said she had met the actress, who was in a state of shock after the "horrifying" incident". But she was "bold and we were the ones who were shattered. She is standing strong despite going through such an ordeal. I salute the young lady. Those responsible for the attack had a perverted mindset and culture," Warrior said in a lengthy Facebook post.

"She was attacked in a moving vehicle in a crowded city. This should not be seen as an attack on a celebrity, but on womenfolk," she said. 

Here is her post - 


On the more sensitive side, actor Dulquer Salmaan acknowledged that it was hard for him, as a man, to address such issues. But he gave an emotional appeal nevertheless on his Facebook page, asking people to be alert and the cops to catch the "spineless cowards". 

His FB post said - 

"I was hesitant to speak out about this incident yesterday out of respect for the victim of this travesty. It's easy to just post something on social media, but I'm afraid it somehow becomes about yourself. This is so much more than all that. It's something that sickens and frightens my core. I take great pride in our state and how safe our society is. Especially how we treat and respect our women. And yesterday it's like that shattered. This is somebody's daughter, somebody's sister somebody's family and someone who has brought to life so many wonderful characters to us film lovers. I wish and pray our superb police force, the Kerala Police catch these spineless cowards hiding behind their masks. Including myself and our industry, I request all our boys and men, young and old to be alert and vigilant. It's equally our responsibility to care about, look out for, and to respect & protect our women."


Others from the film fraternity also added their support. Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) President Innocent in a Facebook post described the incident as an "heinous crime".

"We have only one thing to say to those who committed this cruel act to our daughter.. sister ---defeat is yours'. She will stand undefeated... Always", he said.

Actor Unni Mukundan said he respected the actress's decision to speak out about her harrowing experience, adding "nothing will change except for the fact that everyone will know that you are one brave girl who chose to fight." 

Rima Kallingal lauded the actress for having the guts to fight, while actor Kunjacko Boban said in his post that "A 'MAN' becomes a real man when he learns to respect woman. It is our duty to stand by her, support her rather than throwing stones at her making some baseless allegations".

Describing the actress as one of the "boldest" and "bravest souls" in the industry, singer Sayanora Philip said, "She will b back, and she will make sure that each one of the culprits gets their deserved share of punishment.


Malayalam superstar Mohanlal today wanted exemplary punishment to be handed over to those behind the attack on the young Malayalam actress at Kochi.


“Exemplary punishment should be handed out to these criminals who are worse than animals so that it serves as a lesson to similar minded characters who I will not even term as humans,” he said in a Facebook post.


“It’s time we stop being candle holding and candle lighting sympathisers and ensure that the law of the land be strengthened in such ways that nobody even dares contemplating such acts leave alone commit it,” he said.


“My heart goes out to her in this time of distress. May justice be served without delay,” he said.