Barbeque Nation is by far the most popular restaurant with delicious cuisine in Bengaluru. It is a perfect place for a family brunch or a romantic dinner date. Barbeque Nation promotes the idea of 'DIY' (Do It Yourself) in addition to live on-the-table grill. It was founded with a simple ideology- offering a complete dining experience to customers at affordable prices. 

Barbeque Nation is known for coming up with interesting themes that people absolutely love. This time they have come up with yet another interesting theme. 'Filmi Retro Fest', which is a food festival for retro movie buffs. This fest is going to take people back in time leaving them with a nostalgic feeling for films and food, reminiscing the bygone silver screen era. Barbeque Nation is set to leave people wanting for more. From its delicious starters to mouth-watering desserts, Barbeque Nation is going to bring the finest delicacies to relish. 

The theme is going to be very interesting because of the decor. The decor justifies the theme with filmy danglers, coaster and table mats, and old-school themed photo booths and frames with props like the Polka dot apparels of the 60’s.