Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut is again making headlines after her reaction on production houses suing top news channels, including Republic TV and Times Now for irresponsible reporting in concern to the 'Drug Mafia Case'.

Netizens think she is again trying to get attention and turning the limelight towards her.

Renowned production houses such as Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chilli Entertainment, Salman Khan Films, Yash Raj Films are among 34 production houses that have filed a case against the news channels for using words such as 'dirt', 'druggies', 'filthy' for the industry.

Soon after the news was all over, Kangana Ranaut took no time and reacted to the case filed by these top production houses. She took over to her Twitter account and called 'Bullywood 'gutter'.

Well right after Kangana posted her tweet, trolls took no time in making hilarious jokes and memes on it.

Internet users think she is trying to get attention and her 'attention' is at risk as the news channels are now accused of bad reportage. Check out the hilarious meme tweets: