Accepting that after quitting alcohol, life looks better for her, Kamal Haasan's daughter and actress Shruthi Haasan said, "I am saying that I have quit alcohol because I did not want it in my life any more. And the benefits of not having even one glass of beer or wine, has been a whole life-changing process in my life. And I realised that not drinking is something that helps me.”

The actress was a party animal and used to pass out after drinking heavily with friends, said a source.

Now that she has quit, life seems better, the actress revealed in a recent interview.

As the society is male dominated and type casts women partying and smoking, Shruthi pointed that when a male drinks, not much noise is made but only when women do, they are judged.
"In villages, women drink alcohol regularly just to withstand their wife beating husbands. Some people do not understand this and make this a controversy,” she said.

The actress is the daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika.