Arriving at Movie Artistes Association (MAA) office in a plain salwar kameez, Reddy invited TV channels and rendered herself to innerwear. She accused that both Movie Artists Association and Producers Association are not giving her membership despite the fact that she has acted in a number of movies and also produced three films. 

Reddy alleged that she was asked to send inappropriate images and videos to get a chance in Telugu films. She threatened to expose people who “exploit young, aspiring actors”.

According to reports, she said that, "For how long they will delay membership to me? Now that a girl has removed her clothes and stood on the road, will thy be ashamed of their acts?" she said. If they don't give the membership even now, Sri Reddy plans to go cloth-less and protest until they give her the membership."

The actress, in the past, accused top directors, producers and male actors of taking advantage of young actresses seeking work in the Telugu film industry. She has been vocal on social media and given interviews to local TV channels regarding the same. Sri Reddy has alleged she was denied roles in films because she refused to give in to their demands. She also claimed that actresses from Andhra are not getting enough work in Telugu films.