Kichcha Sudeep's first film Sparsha in 1999 did not give him the expected recognition. He had to wait for two whole years to get to where  he  aspired to be in the Kannada film industry. And the magical date is 6 July.

The remake of the film Sethu in Tamil as Huccha in Kannada directed by Om Prakash Rao starring Sudeep was released on 6 July, 2001. This film made Sudeep a star in demand and thus he realised his dreams. There was no looking back since then. Sudeep gradually widenend his fan base and today he is not only a superstar, but is also an acclaimed director.

This is not it. Come 6 July, 2012, he widened his reach and proved that nothing can stop him, not region, not the myriad roles to essay. Yes, this was the day Telugu film Eega directed Rajamouli (of Baahubali fame) released.

Sudeep played the villain and Eega was one of the rare films where the negative character was much acclaimed than the hero of the movie. The movie Eega, which refers to a fly, gave Sudeep the much-needed wings to fly indeed, making Sudeep a household name in the South Indian film industry.

Today, after more than two decades in the film industry, Sudeep is well known even in Bollywood. 6 July, every year is one of those dates that will always remain earmarked in his calendar.