Govinda is upset with director Anurag Basu for editing out his scenes from Ranbir Kapoor-starrer "Jagga Jasoos".

Basu recently revealed that due to the changes made in the storyline, Govinda's role could not make it to the final cut of the movie. "I did my job as an actor and if the director is not happy it's completely his call," Govinda wrote in a tweet.






The 53-year-old actor said he took up the cameo in the film and shot it in South Africa out of respect for Ranbir's father Rishi Kapoor. "I gave full respect to Kapoor family. I did the film because he is my senior's son. I was told I will get the script. I was told they will narrate the film in South Africa and I didn't even charge my signing amount, made no contracts.

"I was unwell and on drips but still I travelled to South Africa and did my shoot." There were also reports of Govinda's unprofessional behaviour during the shooting of the film. Reacting to it, the actor said, " There were various negative stories and negative articles only for Govinda and that's how the film was remembered for three years." 

Director Anurag Basu later clarified on the matter to PTI. “I’ve shot a couple of days with him in the first schedule. Then there were changes in the story and other things. But Govinda isn’t in the film, his part isn’t there. It was very kind of him to agree when I requested him for the guest appearance. But it’s our loss that he isn’t there,” he said.

Govinda's last film was Aa Gaya Hero which was heavily panned by critics and bombed at the box office.