Ekta Kapoor has been productively and creatively making the most of the lockdown as the Content Czarina has been releasing projects every month.

Catering to the demands of all demographics Ekta has been working on some new scripts for upcoming seasons or completely different projects.

With releasing closer to 15 shows including new seasons of existing shows, Ekta is on a roll.

Throwing some light on the same, a source shared, “Ekta has been ingeniously working on a lot of scripts during the lockdown to be able to cater to consumer demands. She is all set to release 15 shows from different genres in the coming months. Some of these are franchises to existing shows like Broken but beautiful season 3, Puncchbeat 2, Dev DD Season 2 etc. While new shows would be MumBhai, Bicchoo Ka Khel, Dark 7 White etc.”

Ekta’s list of upcoming shows franchises to some of her most successful projects like new episodes of Bekabee, Who’s Your Daddy Season 2, Paurashpur, Helloji, Apharan Season 2, Broken but beautiful Season 3, Dr. Donn, Ishqiyapa, Puncchbeat 2, Hashtag, Dev DD Season 2.

While her brand new shows include MumBhai, Bicchoo Ka Khel, Dark 7 White, LSD, Crash, Bang Baang, Married woman, and Cartel.

Ekta’s holistic approach has helped her deliver shows from all genres such as romance, drama, thriller, mystery, comedy and so on. The new seasons of the existing shows will be seeing some unexpected twists and turns and leave the audiences wanting for more. 

Ekta kapoor is surely unstoppable. While other producers are finding it hard to brew in fresh concepts and stories, Ekta has already called lights camera & action for majority of her projects and we can't wait to witness the magic she unfolds on the screens.