Remember the most annoying girl on TV,  who used to come in the Airtel’s 4G campaign? The news is that she will be soon seen in a Telugu movie directed by Saikiran Adivi.

Seconds-long advertisements have changed Sasha Chettri's life in a big way. Sources say that the filmmakers have finalised the model as the lead actress for the movie. The filmmakers wanted to cast a newcomer who could bring in a fresh feel to the project. Since Sasha is popular nationally, the director thought she would be an ideal choice. Currently, Sasha is undergoing training in Hyderabad.

A source informs, “Sasha was auditioned for her part. After she impressed with her dialogue delivery and expressions, the former model happened to be a straight choice for the role.”

Adivi's last film, 'Kerintha' was bankrolled by Dil Raju.