Capital Buzz: What surprise is Amit Shah going to spring?

opinion | Thursday, September 21st, 2017
R Rajagopalan

There is a lot of curiosity in the power corridors of Delhi to understand who in the last few months might have drawn closer to PM Modi, and who has fallen out of favour.

Similarly, the Delhi Darbars are keen to know, who will be inducted as Member of the  BJP Parliamentary Board in place of M Venkaiah Naidu? 

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi so far has been able to take the party forward with no adverse reports since the induction of his new cabinet. Word has it that the rise of Piyush Goyal and Nirmala Sitharaman has become an eyesore for some BJP leaders. 

The fact that Piyush Goyal has become a close confidante of PM Modi, has left many heartburns. Goyal has become a bridge that connects Modi and Shah. What does it mean? Goyal is "Treasurer of BJP" aka the 'most powerful cashier' in Amit Shah's word. 

Similarly, there is a reason why PM Modi has so much expectations from Nirmala Sitharaman. In the party circles, she is known as the "file master." She goes by the book and is a voracious reader, who spends a huge amount of time reading files to prepare notes for PM. She has a good grasp of complicated subjects. 

And the best part is, Nirmala is not a political threat to any seniors.

Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Piyush Goyal and Nirmala Sitharaman are the four Union Ministers who are much closer to Narendra Modi. Now how long they stay close, only time will tell.

There are rumours that Devendra Fadnavis or Vasundhara Scindia will be inducted into the BJP Parliamentary Board, which is powerful. 

For 2019 Lok Sabha seat distribution, this BJP CPB will be the highest policy-making body. To get into it is not that easier. Like Nirmala got Defence a surprise sprang by PM, shortly Amit Shah is to spring a surprise on Member of Parliamentary Board.

The fall of Sharad Yadav

Sharad Yadav seat in Rajya Sabha has been pushed back from the first row to the eighth row.

Ram Chandra Prasad Singh has since been nominated as the leader of the 10 Member strong JDU in Rajya Sabha. The Chairman of Rajya Sabha assigned him the first two seats along with BSP and SP leaders in the first row just opposite the Chairman's podium. 

From the winter session possibly in the third week of November. This seating arrangement is certainly a setback to Sharad Yadav. The reason, Sharad Yadav for the past six years has been intervening in almost all the subject matters of discussion in the House. 

But now Yadav will lose the chance,  as RCP Singh will get that opportunity. 
Moreover, Sharad Yadav had a fall out with Nitish Kumar, who has been 'bad-mouthing" JDU. Sharad Yadav has become anti-Modi and anti-BJP. 

This was a strength for CPM, Congress parties. That is why Sharad Yadav has become so vocal. He is emerging as a focal point for opposition unity in 2019. In Winter session, in Rajya Sabha Sharad Yadav is expected to add to the political drama in the house. 

Also, there also chances of him getting disqualified as Nitish Kumar and BJP trying to build up a strong case against Sharad Yadav.

CPM is shrinking

Once the Communist Party Marxist used to be the loudest voice in the house, with most of its leaders to Rajya Sabha coming from West Bengal. 

But time has been cruel to the communists. For CPM once West Bengal was its bastion. But that is fast changing. Out of the seven members, two are retiring, while the remaining five are from Kerala and Tripura.

In a nutshell, there would soon be a time when CPM might have any voice in Rajya Sabha. 

Sitaram Yechury tried his best with the help of Congress - he would have been elected to Rajya Sabha from West Bengal. But CPM Kerala unit vehemently opposed Sitaram Yechury's eagerness to align with Congress. 

Ritabrarta Banerjee CPM MP who is likely to be disqualified as been expelled from the party for his pro-TMC and pro- BJP statements and acting against CPM leaders like  Saleem. 

CPM is shrinking. It has representation in 4 assemblies only. CPM does not have cadre in 12 states, no organisation, no card holders.


R Rajagopalan is a senior correspondent in New Delhi. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect those of Asianet Newsable

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