BJP is at again. In order to create awareness among people about the multi-directional uses of the spiritually vital animal cow, BJP has announced to hold an intense 24-hour Gow Raksha Asthayama Yajna on Feb 2nd in Bengaluru. BJP believes that the cattle population need to be protected at the grass root level to boost the rural economy. Yes, this looks as absurd as it sounds and by looking at the developments unveiled in the past, it seems like this move has opted for anything but the welfare of the rural economy.


As we know it, protection of cows has simply become the synonym of Hindutva and Indian-ness. So, If you eat beef you should always be ready to get beaten up by those rakshaks who don the role of pseudo-intellectual politicians. They are above all earthly laws and also the ones laid in the constitution. Not to forget as many as 23 people have lost their lives because they were suspected of consuming beef. 

Playing out the cow politics card soberly shows the party's desperation to woo the voters overshadowing the ancient route of caste politics.  And if the BJP government truly desires to boost the rural economy then why not empower the rural poor in productive ways that really help them in the long run?  Remember stranded Indian farmers and their hefty loans? 

The opposition government has clearly got its priorities wrong as there are more pressing realities than divisive politics. So, why not fight for it?