The untimely death of the legendary Australian cricket player, Dean Jones is still lingering in the memories of the cricketing fans across the globe. The departed, who took his last breath on September 24, was in Mumbai, as a part of the broadcast setup of the on-going Indian Premier League (IPL). In a nick of unfortunate moment, he got a massive heart attack that ended his life.

Jones was paid a special homage by Cricket Australia (CA) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). As a part of the tribute, ten of his closest family members farewelled him with a lap at the empty MCG stadium. The background, with the light tune of Elton John and INXS in the background, the family bid the final farewell.

The hearse that carried Jean's coffin, wrapped in the Australian flag, was beautifully adorned with flowers displaying 324, which apparently represented Dean’s Test cap number.

“We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of love for Dean over the last week and can’t thank everyone enough for their support, and for sharing their memories with us,” said Jane Jones, Dean’s wife.

Been going through a rough phase, she added, “It has been an awful time to navigate as a family, but I could not have thought of a more fitting place to say goodbye to my husband than under the lights of his beloved MCG. What better way to honor him than with the music of his friends Elton John and INXS echoing throughout the empty stadium.”