For many, sitting at home for long hours may seem boring and for school students and children, holidays would mean getting time to play. However, in the case of high school student D Yuva, this lockdown gave him a chance to create a helpful device. 

With his passion to create and some help from his mentor via video conference, Yuva came up with a hand sanitiser dispenser that activates with zero contact. 

Yuva drew inspiration from automatic water taps in upscale restaurants and hotels that allow water to flow only after they sense a user's hands near the valve. 
Yuva, who has received training by QtPi, a start-up that trains children to build robots and drones, shared his thought of coming up with hand sanitiser dispenser that works without touch. 

With guidance from his mentor Gunjan Sethi, the boy was able to develop the contraption which he named 'Touch Me Not Dispenser'. 

According to him, everyone is scared about contracting COVID-19. When a common sanitiser bottle is used in offices and other places, many people would touch the bottle. There is a high risk of coming in contact with the deadly virus. 

The boy used an arduino-based main board, sensors, actuators, building blocks and mobile app to build this dispenser. He made two compartments with the help of building blocks and placed sanitiser on the right side and liquid soap on the left and fixed the sensors to the dispenser. In case the person moves his or her hands to the left, then liquid soap will be dispensed, and sanitiser can be availed if the person moves his or her hands towards the right.