Private hospital in West Godavari impounded due to lack of government permission

First Published 27, Sep 2017, 2:07 PM IST
Pvt hospital running without permission in AP impounded
  • A private hospital in West Godavari was raided for running without government permission
  • The doctor who ran the hospital conducted operations and played with patients’ lives
  • Health officials acted on the complaint from previous patients and impounded the hospital

West Godavari district medical and health officials impounded the Ortho and Critical Care Hospital in the Railway Overbridge Centre in Nidadavolu on Tuesday. The hospital established by Dr Anil Kumar was being run without the permission of the district medical authorities.

According to Sakshi news, the authorities acted on a complaint received on September 11 and investigated the Ortho and Critical Care hospital under Deputy District Medical and Health Officer (DM&HO) Padmaja Rani and her team. The team confirmed that the hospital is run without any government permissions and with fake certificates.

When the Deputy DM&HO enquired for MBBS certificates of Dr Mandava Anil Kumar Choudhary and his colleague Pushpa Choudhary, they were unable to produce the documents.

Padmaja Rani warned them to take government permission within two days or necessary action would be taken against them. But even after 15 days, there was no response from the doctors. The deputy Medical and Health Media officer Ch. Nageswara Rao along with Tadimalla Primary Health Centre government health officer P Srikanth on the orders of District Medical and Health department officer K Koteswari went and scrutinised the hospital documents.

Dr Anil Kumar was not in the premises during the investigation and the officers seized the doctor’s OP room, operation theatre and ward rooms. The health officers said that they would file a case with the police against Dr Mandava Anil Kumar Choudhary for not possessing government permission and necessary certificates.