The Brundavanapura Bandar Laddu Manufacturer’s Welfare Association led by Mallayya Sweets company president Gowra Venkateswara Rao of has been credited with the GI tag for the famous Bandar Laddu. These Laddus will also get a new logo, which has been accepted by the GI authorities.


Now, the Bandar Laddu manufacturing is restricted to Machalipatnam including Pedana, Guduru and Nidumolu in Krishna district.


Though Bandar Laddu is famous in Andhra Pradesh, its origin has been traced to Rajasthan. The Laddus had reached Andhra Pradesh when Rajput families of Bundelkhand  migrated to Machalipatnam following Sepoy Mutiny.


It is said that currently at least 250 families make the Bandar Laddu.


Bandar Laddus are made of Besan, Sugar, Cashew nuts (optional), ELachi little pinch, Ghee, Oil for deep frying Milk (For making Laddoo).