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Japan Airlines' dramatic evacuation: Video reveals how 379 people escaped blaze after Tokyo airport collision

In a chilling video shared on the X platform, formerly Twitter, the harrowing moments aboard the JAL flight at Tokyo's Haneda Airport have been vividly captured by passengers.

Japan Airlines' dramatic evacuation: Video reveals how 379 people survived blaze after Tokyo airport collision snt
First Published Jan 2, 2024, 7:53 PM IST

A routine day turned into a harrowing ordeal for passengers and crew onboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) plane at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday. The aircraft, carrying 367 passengers and 12 crew members, collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft, resulting in a fiery spectacle that shocked onlookers. While all passengers and most crew members managed a miraculous escape, the collision claimed the lives of five out of the six crew members on the coast guard plane.

The collision occurred as the coast guard aircraft, en route to Niigata airport on Japan's west coast for earthquake relief efforts, collided with the JAL Airbus A350. The dramatic scenes unfolded as the aircraft skidded down the tarmac, eventually bursting into flames, leaving a trail of chaos and panic.

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Passengers aboard the JAL flight recounted the terrifying moments of impact, with one describing a sudden jerk upward upon landing, accompanied by sparks outside the window and the cabin filling with gas and smoke. Despite the tumult, swift evacuation procedures ensued, allowing all passengers and the majority of the crew to escape before the flames consumed the aircraft.

In a chilling video shared on the X platform, formerly Twitter, the harrowing moments aboard the JAL flight at Tokyo's Haneda Airport have been vividly captured by passengers. The footage, now viral, provides a firsthand glimpse into the chaos and panic as the aircraft collided with a Japan Coast Guard plane, resulting in a fiery disaster.

The video begins with plummeting white smoke, setting an ominous tone for what unfolds next. As the aircraft jolts and screams pierce the air, the cabin attendant is seen bravely attempting to guide the passengers through the tumultuous situation. Outside the window, flames engulf the aircraft, creating a scene of sheer horror. In a desperate bid for safety, passengers can be seen using evacuation slides, demonstrating the urgency and intensity of the evacuation.

Meanwhile, live footage broadcasted by NHK showed the intensity of the blaze as rescue crews battled to control the fire. Despite their fervent efforts, the aircraft was eventually overwhelmed by the flames. The tragic toll included the loss of five crew members from the coast guard aircraft, with the captain sustaining injuries.

Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito confirmed the casualties and injuries, emphasizing the need for swift assessment of the damage and coordination among relevant agencies. The cause of the accident remains unclear, prompting investigations by the Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) and other authorities. The runway shutdown at Haneda Airport led to significant disruptions, affecting both domestic and international flights.

Passengers shared firsthand accounts of the chaos, with video footage capturing the smoke-filled cabin, urgent evacuation, and the deployment of evacuation slides. Social media platforms showcased the passengers' bravery and the intensity of the situation.

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida instructed relevant agencies to coordinate efforts for a rapid damage assessment and information dissemination. Transport Minister Saito assured a thorough investigation into the incident, with authorities striving to resume Haneda Airport operations as soon as possible.

The collision at Haneda Airport serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected challenges that can arise in air travel. As the nation mourns the loss of the coast guard crew members, the focus now shifts to investigations into the accident's cause and ensuring the safety of future flights. The resilient response of passengers and the dedication of rescue crews highlight the importance of preparedness and coordinated efforts in times of crisis.

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