In a strange incident, a whitetail deer has spotted thick hair growing on its eyeballs in a Tennessee suburb. The animal's unusual feature has been associated with a rare and bizarre condition called corneal dermoid. According to a report, this type of tumour can appear in any part of the body. Experts believe that hair growth on the eyeball is probably the worst example of this condition.


Also, the strange appearance of deer alarmed the residents. According to the National Deer Association, when they took a closer look at the animal, they noticed bleeding and disoriented. The National Deer Association also shared a close-up shot of the deer on Twitter. 

But unfortunately, the deer was killed by animal control officers, who assumed the foundling might have been affected with some Chronic Wasting Disease. However, when they sent the deer's head to the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study for examinations. The tests revealed that the deer did not have CWD but was undergoing epizootic hemorrhagic disease, which led to its disorientation.