His lips uttered solemn words, his hands had different plans. While his wedding was being solemnised the groom couldn't keep his hands of his wife causing for a very awkward moment at the ceremony.

In a viral video, a Nigerian man identified as Babajide Olatilo seemed to be in a very different state of mind when his wedding with fiancee Taiye Fashipe was being conducted at Ikoyi Registry of Lagos as per the local court on Wednesday. 

While the pastor prayed, other family members closed their eyes in reverence, but the groom's hands, meant to be folded was instead on the bride's buttocks.

Though she tried to stop him,  thinking that no one is watching, he persisted. Little did he know that unfortunately, for him, the entire act was being recorded by his friend. To make matters worse for him it ended up on the internet. 

His friend captioned the video saying,

"My friend got married today… see what this mad man was doing during prayer session. "