According to Forest officials, the incident happened on January 8, 2021, but it came to notice after many days as it went viral now. The video shows how inhuman behaviour we do being humans. In the video, the jumbo dies after getting attacked by a burning tyre.

What was the mistake of the elephant? Well, he entered a homestay in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and destroyed a car parked in the parking lot.

The staff of that homestay threw burning tyre filled with Kerosene. And in the video, the elephant roams around frantically in pain as the tyre got stuck in his head.

The Forest Officials said, "A 50-year-old wild jumbo was noticed with injuries on its back in November and for the past two months we were trying to give treatment. In December, we captured the injured jumbo seen with pus on the injured area and later we provided treatment to that elephant and let it into the forest area."

"The elephant again started moving to the residential area but did not cause any damage to anyone. In the first week of January 2020, the injured jumbo moved to the residential area and this was noted by the residents and they started to chase the elephant. Later, they torched a tyre and threw it on the injured jumbo. The elephant ran away with fire injury and later died," he further added.

After the video went viral, two of the staff members were identified and have been arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act section (9) for seven years but one of them is still missing.