Bengaluru: Just over 24 hours after announcing night curfew in the state, BS Yediyurappa-led Karnataka government withdrew the order on Thursday.

The state government had decided to implement the nightly curfew on the advice of experts to control the spread of the mutated Covid-19 virus detected in Britain and other countries.

Addressing the media, Yediyurappa said, “In view of the government's decision to review that there is no need for a night curfew in the public sector, it has been decided to withdraw the night curfew based on the views of cabinet colleagues and senior officials.”

He urged the public to keep themselves aware by wearing masks, maintaining social distance, avoiding unnecessary commuting and strictly adhering to government-imposed Covid control rules.

Amid rising concern over the new strain of Covid-19, the state government on Wednesday had imposed night curfew from December 24 till January 2.