Interestingly, the appearance of the donor is one major factor in surrogacy in Telangana. Beauty is a category that can help a donor to earn better, and beauty couple with a college degree is a great combination to make some big bucks, according to a leading daily report.

The minimum rate of female eggs is ₹20,000, whereas a graduate donor can sell her egg for something between ₹30,000 to ₹35,000. Meanwhile, a beautiful graduate can earn ₹40,000, and an even more beautiful female egg donor can earn as much as ₹50,000, reported the Times of India.

In fact, money is a big incentive for egg donors between the age group of 18 years to 29 years. The agents of the IVF centres lures these women with promises of earning big, and these women travel to Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai to donate their eggs.

The females willing to be a donor need to send their photos first to get selected, and then the agents determine the price. The donor also required to send her height, weight, blood group and if married, then marriage certificate to be an egg donor. In fact, those who have their own children also need to send photos of their children to prove that baby born from their eggs will be beautiful; the daily quoted a source as saying. 

This practice again reiterates the societal standard of beauty in India and how parents still prefer better-looking child and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve that. The agents of the IVF centres are just catering to the demands of the people opting for surrogacy and in such a situation, a law would be helpful to regulate the practices related to surrogacy in India.